Ebbets & Jansport

American dreams, Americana goods, and American Style: The Beatnic generation has long been an import part of American culture. From Jazz, and Beat Poetry, to being free spirit and a rebel, the Beatnic generation embodies the American Spirit. We at Beatnic are pleased to continue our strong series of collaborations focusing on Made in USA products. We had to reach out from the roots of it all while staying true to what American Goods really are, not just focusing on the label. We wanted to focus on durability, functionality and material used; this is what Made in America is all about. Ebbets Field Flannels and Jansport are great example's of that. We have been a big fan of these two American companies and it was a pleasure working with them. On Friday Sep 8, we will be releasing our collaboration pieces by Jansport and Ebbets. Both pieces will be available in store and online!!! So make sure to mark your calendars, before these limited run of hats and backpacks are gone. ONLY 24 HATS & ONLY 30 Backpacks will be available.

Release date: Friday SEP 8!

Photos Taken by Jayson Ruiz Palacio