After Hours With The Rotu Crew and RabbitHole LV


This past weekend we hosted an After Hours event with the Rotu Crew and The Rabbit Hole LV. People from all over flocked to Beatnic go partake in an audio/visual presentation from the two crews. Up first was Rotu Crew. An Orange County based collective headed by former store manager Glen Repol (Mr. Rotu). Their penchant for remixing old hip hop and experimental electronic music made for an exuberant night out. Comprised of artists Mr. Rotu, Alphafox, AFrame, Lastnamedavid and Craneuhm, Rotu is well on its way to becoming a force in the music scene. The other crew, RabbitHole LV came all the way from Sin City to come perform. Made up of Mayneframe, Lwkylky, Supreme O, and Weirdough, their style of hard hitting EDM resonated through the crowd and kept the people jamming out all night.

Curated by Mr. Rotu

Visuals by Teflon

Hosted by EMP